Long time, no update!

Sorry for being MIA! If you actually pay attention to this blog, I update other things alot more frequently, so you should check out:


That being said, here's some recent work!


Model: Stephanie Lusk
Makeup: Jessica Robert
Wardrobe: Malabar Ltd.
Photo: Jessica Robert

Deer Girl

Photographer: Jason Lupish
Model: Erica Sherwood
Makeup and Styling: Jess Robert


Photographer: Jay Lupish
Models: Samatha Kirouac and Adam Stephenson
Makeup & Styling by: Jess Robert
Assisted by: Dara Goulet

GLAM Photoshoots

This Summer/Fall I've had the pleasure of doing the makeup for Katrina Danch's GLAM sessions. Here are a few photos!

Jen & Taylor's Wedding

Friends Jen & Taylor got married last Saturday and I had the pleasure of doing her makeup!

Photo by Beth Ramella

Fall Fashion Photoshoot

Designer: Vikki Wilson
Stylist: Anne Cayer
Photographer: Raymund Galsim
Model: Jaclyn Vens
Makeup: Jess Robert

Photoshoot with Dina & Shane

Here are a few photos from a shoot I did with Shane Reed, and model Dina Senior.

Model Mayhem

The website www.modelmayhem.com is a great networking tool for photographers, models, makeup artist, hairstylists, clothing designers and any other form of creative person that can add to a photoshoot collaboration.

I recently was contacted by Navy from Detour Photography to do makeup for her shoot (inspired by the "Good Morning Megan Fox" series).

This is my favorite shot from the set!

(Click to enlarge)

Trash the Dress

For those of you who haven't heard of it, I'll explain what a "Trash the Dress" photoshoot is.

"Trash the Dress" is usually an addition shoot weeks, months, or sometimes years after the wedding, where the bride has the opportunity to get glammed-up and strike a pose in her wedding dress one final time. Contrary to common assumption due to the misleading name, the bride's do not necessarily literally "trash" their dresses. The most common themes are water-related (at the beach, river, waterfall, etc), laying on the ground, climbing trees, and other things that are reversible, but that would be impossible to capture on the day of the wedding (unless you want a soggy, grass-stained bride at the reception!).

Here's a few photos of some brides I did makeup on for their Trash the Dress shoots, photographed by Stacy Baiton Hayward. If this sounds like something you or someone you know might be interested in, definitely get in touch with Stacey!

(Click to enlarge)

Brides: Katrina Danch & Krissy Vanderlee

Grand Analogue - Her Daddy (Don't Like Me)

Here it is! The music video by Grand Analog that I did makeup for about a month ago. Enjoy!

Oh, and if you watch carefully around 2:18, you might see a really sexy girl who looks strangely familiar.... ;) ;)

Grand Analog

Last night I worked on a music video for the hip-hop band Grand Analog. It was such a blast, and I'm very excited to see the final product. It's said to be edited and premiere quite soon, so it won't be long before I can post the video on here for you to see.

Stay tuned!


I love freeze effects because they can be used for both special effects makeup AND character and beauty makeup!

Freeze FX for the purpose of gore are seen in many films (Titanic, The Thing, etc) to make an actor look as if he/she was a victim to some very cold weather. This usually consists of applying a layer of white face makeup to any exposed skin, creating a pale complexion. Secondly, red blotches are applied here and there, creating the illusion of the early stages of frost bite. And lastly, a whole lot of freezeFX gel and freezeFX cystals! Start first with the areas that would be damp (around nostrils and mouth) then, if you really want to go crazy, apply all over the brows, hairline, beard, everywhere!!

Here's a freeze FX makeup of mine:

Keep in mind, this particular photo is actually quite minimal. If he had been dead quite some time where there was lots of snow and wind, he could have icicles everywhere!

And then there's freeze FX for characters. Remember Mr. Freeze from Batman & Robin? Arnold's makeup is again very minimal, but still gives the impression of someone who is cold and frigged. Another example of this is the Snow Queen from The Chronicles of Narnia. Of course, costume plays a BIG part in these two examples, but you can see how a few makeup tricks really are the icing on the cake.

Here's my version of an ice queen warrior!

Click photos to enlarge.

Audrey Imposter

During my schooling, we were given an assignment for which we had to reproduce a famous photograph of a celebrity.

I chose Audrey Hepburn (how original!) and used myself (how modest!) as a model. Although, not I or any human being in existence, can accurately reproduce Audrey's beauty, it turned out well and I was happy with the final product.

Click to enlarge.

My heads a little fatter... shoulders are a little wider...
...nose is bigger... hair is a little uglier....
But all those things aside... we could be like sisters, right?

Burn Effects

Freshly and severally burned skin is one of the easiest and funnest special effects to do, in my opinion. It doesn't have to be very clean or precise [unlike cut, stab wound, bullet wound, etc] and the final results are always great!

I did a shoot with a model Amanda last year, and decided to try something a little different.I had her lay down with her head on a pillow so that she was comfortable, and I sat on a chair beside the end of the couch and worked from there. I got the idea from the great Kevin Aucoin, who did almost all of his makeup applications with the model laying flat on the floor with her/his head between his knees, viewing the model's face upside down, but also in its entirety (rather than stand on the right or left). It worked out really well. Amanda was relaxed and I got to take my time with a better view of the canvas. See below, click to enlarge.

Last Halloween, I applied makeup to the team working at The Dark Side Halloween Store in the Seaway Mall. One of the girls decided to be a chef who was burned like the girl in that WSIB video [WARNING: Do not watch the video in that link unless you are not easily disturbed. I, myself, love all the WSIB videos. :)] So, we went with a less exaggerated version of Amanda's third degree burns, and ended up with a little something like this:

Beginner's Luck?

Today I wanted to share one of my projects that I am the most proud of. What makes it even more special? It was my very first professional photoshoot! Yep. It was our first of three practical exams at school. Funny, that my first shoot is still pretty much my favorite photo in my portfolio.

Modeling, is my roommate [at the time] Brian Howe and his girlfriend [at the time] Loraine Mohar.

THE PHOTO (click to enlarge):

My favorite part about the photo is how her lips match the flowers perfectly. If it was intentional, I wouldn't normally brag about it. [Then again, what are blogs for? ;)] But it just worked out that way, and beautifully I must say! I had great models to work with.

Working with Jay

Here are a few photos from shoots I've done with Jason Lupish this passed year. He's a great photographer to work with, and I hope to collaborate with him much more in 2009!

Model Credits (top to bottom): Dara Mariash, Marlee Thurlow-Fader, Venessa Skinner, Cherie O'Brien, Felicia Tisi, Dara Mariash (again) and Ky Gratton, Shannen Death, Erica Sherwood.